How to choose a Nursing Home

choose a nursing home

If either you or a family member is requiring constant care for safety purposes, it may be wise to consider a nursing home. Nonetheless, it’s not a decision that you can take lightly since it will be a new home; it should be comfortable, safe and warm. In the following article, you’ll get some tips on how to choose a nursing home.

#1- Check if your health provider covers the nursing home

Some healthcare providers cover long-term stays in nursing homes, while others cover some services of adult care, like day assistance and medical equipment. If you have low income and lack personal resources, you may be eligible for Medicare nursing home coverage. The income limit for eligibility varies from state to state, so make sure to check it before ruling out this option.

If you have coverage, you’ll need to find out which nursing homes are included or what’s the budget for the payment. 

#2- Select candidates close to home

To have your family within reach, Google ‘nursing homes near me’ to define the elderly care establishments you’ll be weighing. Proximity to home is a prerequisite, otherwise visits may be scarce and isolation generally has a negative effect on residents… well, on anyone. What’s more, if there’s an emergency, family members may be able to get to the nursing home in no time.

#3- Make sure the establishment is licensed

Nursing homes are frequently subjected to government inspections in order to maintain the quality and safety of the service and the establishment. Generally, the most recent inspection report is posted for visitors and residents to read, but if you don’t find it, ask to see a copy.

The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is responsible for overseeing the compliance with the Medicare and Medicaid programs in each nursing home.

#4- Check for safety hazards

Firstly and mostly, ask about the nurse-resident ratio, too many residents per nurse may turn to be a major hazard, since many patients have chronic pains, urinary incontinence, dementia and depression. But that’s not enough, they have to be registered nurses to be able to manage a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

As far as the establishment is referred, make sure it has all the necessary handicap equipment and grab handles for the shower. It’s also important to take a closer look at the details that may put someone in a dangerous situation, like frayed carpets, stairs and slippery floors.

#5- Visit online forums

To have a deeper insight into the nursing home candidates, look for online forums. Here you’ll find residents’ and family members’ opinion on the quality of life and services provided in each elderly care center. You may as well pose questions and get answers from knowledgeable users. This forum community can also advise you about what to pay attention to and what to ask when visiting a nursing home for the first time.

Once you find the perfect nursing home, life can get much easier for residents and family members, but if you choose incorrectly, it could turn out to be quite a nightmare.