Cell phone repair

cell phones repair

If you’re in need of a cell phone repair, there are some things you have to keep in mind, like where to take it, if you should take it or if you should fix it yourself. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending for spending’s sake in a new cellphone. To avoid squandering, read below!

Where should I take my cell phone?

One option is to take your mobile device to a phone repair shop near your area. If you have a trusted technician, that could be a wise choice. However, if you need your phone to be fixed as soon as possible, there’s a convenient alternative: Puls is a service of cell phone repair by which you set a time and date on the website for a technician to come to your home. The most interesting quality about this service is that the phone is fixed on the spot!

Is it worth the repairing costs?

In some cases it would be wasteful to buy a new cell phone when it only requires a quick fix, while in other cases, the cost of the cell phone repair is too high an investment for the device. So when is it worth it to repair it?

  • If you don’t have any more storage: In this case, you could even try to fix it yourself by moving photos and documents to your computer to free up space or by buying a bigger storage card.
  • If your screen is cracked: When your phone is in tip-top shape but for a cracked screen, then the repair fee won’t go over $100.

Can I repair my cellphone by myself?

If you want to save some bucks and fix your phone as well, you could try doing it yourself. Clearly in some cases the hand of a specialized technician is mandatory, but in the case of some loose buttons, a cracked screen or a camera replacement, you may be able to do the cell phone repair by yourself.

Before touching anything, check out Youtube tutorials or go to iFixit or iCracked, where you’ll find useful tutorials uploaded by cellphone savvies or people who just ventured a DIY repair.

Time-and-money-saving cell phone repair advice

#1- Try going to the official repair shop of your cell phone provider if the warranty is still valid.

#2- If you’re not a tech-savvy or a handy person, don’t try to repair your phone by yourself. When you’re not an experienced technician, you ignore the mistakes you could be making during what seems like a quick fix. Most of the times, it looks easier that it really is.

#3- Don’t limit yourself to certified technicians. Though a certificate is proof of the person’s ability to repair your phone, it’s not the only way to prove competency. There are many self-taught technicians with impeccable work history. So how can you spot them? Check out online reviews for the repair shop he or she works at.