Immigration Lawyer

immigration law

When trying to get the green card, legal proceedings can be quite dumbfounding for anyone who’s not specialized in the subject. That’s why you’ll benefit from the services of an immigration lawyer. Below, you’ll learn where to find and how to select a law professional, what to do if you can’t pay the legal fees and when it’s best to hire one.

Where can I find immigration lawyers?

There are various resources at hand for finding reputable immigration attorneys. First of all, you can look for a professional on the search tool of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), where you can post your job offer and compare applicants’ qualification

Another option is to check out the US News ranking on immigration attorneys, but take into consideration that if you pick out the tip-top law firms on the list it will cost you a large amount of money.

What if I can’t pay for a lawyer?

AILA offers pro bono, that is, free legal services for people who are really in need. You can also find immigration lawyers by contacting a non-profit legal service provider in your area. You don’t know how to find one? Get into, select your state and start calling the legal professionals.

What should I ask an immigration lawyer?

Before hiring, ask your potential lawyer these important questions to ascertain whether he’s the right choice for your legal counsel:

Do you dedicate exclusively to immigration law?

Experience is everything when it comes to choosing a lawyer. If you the odds to be in your favour, you need a professional who has dealt with manifold immigration cases.

What steps will you take to solve my case?

You know the expression ‘leave it to the professionals’. Though there’s some wisdom in that phrase, you do need to understand if your immigration lawyer is aiming to do his best to solve your case and, mostly, if his effort is worth his fee.

Do you know other ways to solve my problem?

Maybe for your case it’s best to go through arbitration or mediation. If you’re unsure, consult with the professional and also analyze his moral integrity. Is he just doing it for the paycheck?

When do I need an immigration attorney?

If you’re dubious about which circumstances require the help of a lawyer, you’re not the only one. Nonetheless, it’s fundamental for you to know whether you need a professional or not, in this way, you’ll avoid paying unnecessary legal fees.

  • When the consulate or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) claim that you’re inadmissible to get a citizenship. There are various reasons for being declared inadmissible, like having committed a crime or having lied to the government.
  • When you’re in immigration court proceedings, as long as the proceedings haven’t been resolved, you’ll need an immigration lawyer to defend you in court.
  • When bureaucracy is messing with your application and you’re facing unusual delays. In this case, a lawyer may be able to help you out, though they’re usually quite powerless in these circumstances.

Finding a professional that can cater to your needs and has the know-how of immigration proceedings is key for getting your green card. So follow your gut and don’t hesitate to be picky.