10 Amazing Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is a physical fitness scheme that was developed by Joseph Pilates during the early 20th century. The fitness scheme was of course named after him. Pilates is practiced all over the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Research shows that as of 2005, about 11 million people were already engaged in regular practices with over 14,000 instructors, only in the US.

Pilates was created during the First World War to provide health care to injured soldiers through stretching, strengthening and key muscle stabilisation. There are two basic forms of Pilates: Mat-based Pilates and Equipment-based Pilates.

Pilates poses a lot of health benefits to individuals. Some of the benefits include strengthening abdomen and pelvis, preventing arthritis and improving sport performance, among others.

In this article you’ll find 10 surprising benefits of Pilates. So; sit, relax, sip your bottle of Cola and enjoy the smooth ride.

10 Amazing Benefits of Pilates  

#1 It Helps with your Breathing

Pilates helps your respiratory system; it helps you get your breath under control. With the workouts, oxygen are easily carried to the needed places which helps to make the body feel better.

#2 Good Posture

Pilates helps people in maintaining a good and correct posture through the exercises for, they always demand that your body stays in alignment.

#3 It Builds Your Flexibility

As one gets older, one gets weaker. But with the help of Pilates, your flexibility will be restored. The more frequently you practise, the more flexibility you’ll gain.

#4 Stress Reliever

The best way to relieve stress is through Pilates. During the exercises, your focus shifts from your responsibility to breath concentration. It is definitely an excellent way of relieving stress.

#5 Aerobic Condition are Improved

The deep breathing occurring while performing exercises helps to increase the capacity of the lungs and enhances circulation.

#6 A Better Balance

One becomes aware of how the body moves and performs through the mind-body connection taught in Pilates. Pilates doesn’t only just helps correct your posture, it is also keen to restoring one’s physical coordination and mind-body balance.

#7 General Well Being of the Whole Body

During workouts, no part of the body is left untouched. With Pilates, the entire body from head to toe is worked on.

#8 It Teaches Both Physical and Mental Control

Pilates helps your body to stay physically and mentally in control of external forces, keep calm and focused on what matters most.

#9 Promotion of Body Alertness

Pilates helps promote body alertness and awareness. You become aware of your posture, whether you are sitting or standing.

#10 Muscle Strength and Increased Body Tone

Pilates is a workout that engages the hips, abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks. They get contracted during the workouts, which helps to build strength and endurance.

The advantages of pilates are far greater than one might expect. Today, physicians of all parts of the world recommend this activity to strengthen the body and mind. Are you ready to give it a go?