3 Smart Security Systems for Your Home

Smart Security Systems

Every day it seems like there is some new shocking danger or threat facing our local communities. While the risk of specific hazards has decreased over time, others have risen to take their place. Many traditional security systems are not built to deal with the high level of sophistication many criminals bring to the table these days. When it comes to protecting your belongings and loved ones it is essential you make sure you opt for smart security systems and evolve with the times.

There is no shortage of quality options these days when it comes to smart home security systems. To help narrow down the field, we will present our top choices for the smart security systems  most worth one’s consideration.

What is a Smart Security System?

Simply put a smart home security system is an integrated system that combines multiple appliances and household systems, such as lighting, into a central controllable hub. From this hub, one can monitor various aspects of their home through different metrics and visual feeds.  There is no precise definition as to what these capabilities are, as every system is slightly different.

The takeaway is that smart security systems  differ from traditional methods in that it can electronically communicate with other features of your home to provide you with a more natural and more efficient user interface.

#1 ADT Pulse

The ADT Pulse system allows one to monitor their belongings and home from virtually anywhere on the planet with a whole range of devices. They provide 24-hour monitoring, remote alarm and lock management, as well as flood, fire, carbon monoxide, and medical emergency monitoring as well.

Trusted, efficient and reliable. ADT Pulse is one of the premier smart security systems  available at consumer prices.

#2 Vivint Smart Home

Vivint in another company that does a great job of taking the full range of devices, apps, and gadgets you have operating your home and streamlines them into a single easy-to-use hub. Touch-screen displays let you access everything relevant to the status of your home, including talk features and an Amazon Echo link. Locks, garage doors, cameras, etc. all can be operated from a  phone or mobile device.

While Vivint offers all these frills, it can be easy to forget they also provide 24/7 monitoring by trained security agents. Motions sensors, tilt sensors, recessed door sensors, and tons more! Vivint does take your security seriously with a variety of alarm systems rarely seen outside Fort Knox.

#3 SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe is comparable with the other two smart security systems  on our list in most categories. Some of the ways in which they stand out are the extra assistance they provide to help your system be pet compliant (a must for big dog owners) and power outage safe.

SimpliSafe also offers perhaps the best Economy security plan, allowing you to protect what is most important for a lot less.

Figure out what features are most important to you and see if the discount packages cover those. If not, then maybe consider moving into the higher end smart security systems.