How to Apply to PeachCare for Kids

PeachCare for Kids is a general medical insurance scheme for children under the age of nineteen. Originally created in 1997 to extend support and relieve the parents with low household income who couldn’t afford to spend money on health care for their children. Learn how to apply to PeachCare for kids next.

This medical insurance scheme covers all the essential aspects of child medical care like disease prevention, primary health care, specialist consultations, dental assistance, eye problems, emergency room facilities, prescription medications and mental health assistance.

This medical insurance policy is restricted to the families within the state. This medical insurance scheme can be claimed by anyone whose family income is below forty three thousand dollars (family of three members) or fifty one thousand dollars (for a four membered family).

Learn the steps to apply to PeachCare for kids

The process to apply to PeachCare for kids medical insurance scheme has now become easier than ever. This way it’s easier  to reach all the low income households. There are two simple ways of getting your child enrolled into the PeachCare insurance scheme.

The first way to apply to PeachCare for kids is through the internet. To apply via internet, follow these simple steps:

    1. Log on to the Department of Community Health online portal.
    2. Choose the PeachCare for kids medical insurance option
    3. Click on to the apply to PeachCare for kids option
    4. The application form for the insurance scheme will be available.
    5. Download the online application form, fill it out, and send the application form.

It generally takes up to 45 days to finish the process.

The next viable option to apply to PeachCare for kids is to visit the Families Care Management Organization (CMO) as it is the immediate authority responsible for assisting the families and coordinate for the children who are eligible to apply to PeachCare for kids.

The application form for the policy is available in the office counters. The filled in application form can be submitted to them. Once you do, you’ll need to wait for the completion of the whole procedure to get your child in to the PeachCare for kids medical insurance scheme.

Why should you apply to PeachCare for kids?

The primary reason why a medical insurance scheme is necessary for your kid is the expenses each treatment and doctor’s appointment entails. Whether it’s a seasonal infection or medical emergencies, medical attention may cost a fortune.

Registering your child into the PeachCare for kids medical insurance scheme is a safe precautionary measure to get all those expenses covered. It is a much better option, since it not only takes care of the seasonal ailments or emergencies but also the routine check-ups, vaccinations, dental and eye care.

Apply to PeachCare for kids and keep them safe and protected.