Learn About Payment Options for PeachCare for Kids

Payment options for PeachCare

PeachCare for kids is a state funded program which has been put forward for the families belonging to a low-income circle. It is available only for children. This funded medical health insurance scheme for kids has been implemented for kids who are or below nineteen years of age. The program provides several benefits, including various payment options for PeachCare for Kids.

The program also has some criteria to look upon before applying for it. The family’s total annual income must be within forty three thousand dollars (for a family of three members), an annual income of fifty one thousand dollars (for a family with four members) and so on.

The gross percentage equivalent to the income should be equal to or below the 235% of the federal level of poverty and this measure is subject to variation.

The best gift ever you can give your child is getting them enrolled under the PeachCare for Kids medical insurance scheme. They offer complete protection from several ailments and provide benefits such as disease prevention, primary health care, specialist consultation, dental assistance, eye problem treatments, emergency room facilities, prescription medications, mental health assistance.

What are the payment options available?

The Payment options for PeachCare for Kids have widened and there are a lot of methods through which you can opt to register your kid, pay the premium on a monthly basis and more.

The most popular payment options for PeachCare for Kids are:

  • by phone
  • by mail
  • over the internet

The most accessible payment option for PeachCare is the phone. You can call the helpline number dedicated for the PeachCare for Kids medical insurance scheme. These phone payments are made by contacting the number 1-877-427-3224, an automatic recorded helpline system.

It has a series of options through which you can know about the PeachCare scheme, ask the doubts, pay the premium and also talk to the help line executive for further assistance.

The next feasible payment option for PeachCare is the by mail. All you have to do is to create a profile for the person who you want to enrol under PeachCare, and then mail the check memo with the account number of the kid written behind the the memo. The mailing address for PeachCare for kids is:


PO box 44301

Jacksonville, Florida, 32231

The final Payment option for PeachCare for kids is through the internet. You may access the exclusive web page dedicated to make the payments online after registering your child in the medical insurance scheme. The bill2pay page is an original and authenticated portal to pay the premium for the PeachCare policy for kids.

After opening the portal, login into the respective accounts and pay the amount using a debit card or a checking account. And that’s it, you’re all set to provide your kid a great protection against any ailment.

The premium can be paid on a monthly basis by using any one of the payment options for Peachcare. If there is any impending unanswered queries regarding the process, you may contact 1-877-427-3224.