Find Out News About the HealthCare Programs

HealthCare Programs

The HealthCare programs are programs projected to improving the quality of life of the population and to make health care available to citizens of various countries.

Apart from promoting health care needs of the citizens, it also seeks to educate physicians and health professionals. The HealthCare Programs promote research especially in times of health crisis.

Find Out About Some Programs Facilitated Under the HealthCare Programs

Below are the list of programs that are facilitated and coordinated by the HealthCare Programs with the aim of promoting health well-being of the general populace.

  • National Maternal and Child Health Program
  • Epidemics Prevention and Control Program
  • National Programme For Family
  • Extended Program on Immunization (EPI)
  • Prevention and Control of Hepatitis
  • Planning & Primary Health Care
  • Nutrition Program
  • Punjab AIDS Control Program (PACP)
  • Rollback-Malaria Program
  • Punjab Health Sector Reforms Programme (PHSRP)
  • TB Control Program
  • Health Education Program
  • District Health Information System (DHIS) Program

What is the Effective Health Care Program?

Effective Health Care Program is another program related to providing quality health care. It began operating in 2005. Its essence is to undertake medical interventions, providing advice on treatments to consumers and health care providers.

The program also promotes new scientific evidence and research without neglecting previous evidence. The Effective Health Care (EHC) Program places extra emphasis on interpreting discoveries for diverse stakeholders and respective consumers.

Latest News Around the HealthCare Programs

#1 United States Congress approves funding for Children HealthCare Program

The United States’ Congress has approved providing funds to children’s care. The funds injection is on a short term basis and its purpose is to support a very great number of children who hailed from low-income families. However, the Children’s funding program known as CHIP is set to come to an end by the time the month of September wraps off.

#2 India launches the largest HealthCare Program in the world

The Indian finance minister, Arun Jaitley, has disclosed a new National Health Protection Scheme. The scheme provides health coverage which for about Rs 5 lakh to each family, and provide secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

In the words of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modiz, “this will be the world’s largest government funded health care programme.” The Finance Minister also commented that the government is set to establishing 1.5 lakh Health and Wellness Centres.

He criticized the fact that families always had to sell their assets before they could get access to medical treatment and promised that the government is seriously concerned about it and things are going to be done to improve the condition.

Professionals in the healthcare sector have commended this profitable move of the Indian Government.

#3 Millions of Kids to Lose HealthCare in Washington D.C. and 20 Other States

About 1.75 million children stand the risk of losing their health insurances in Washington, D.C. and 20 states if the Congress doesn’t reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program by the end of February.

The children were put to health risk due to the funds getting seized by inability of the lawmakers to pass a spending bill. As the situation is, the Congress is taking steps on providing a six-year extension for CHIP and some still think the six year contract is not going to be sufficient.

By the month of March, if steps are not taken to inject more funds to CHIP programs, about 21 states including Washington D.C, stand at risk of losing their health insurance due to the fact that CHIP would have run out of funds by then.