5 Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Beauty Bag

makeup brushes

When it comes to perfecting your look, nothing is more important than having the right makeup brushes in your bag. Sure there are plenty of ways to get around investing in a solid brush kit – but none of them will give you the quality look you’ve been yearning for.

If you want to make sure you’re investing your money wisely, you’re probably wondering how many makeup brushes you actually need. There are a lot of tricks you can use to get by until you are able to make a full investment. Until then, here are five brushes you’ll want to make sure you keep in your bag.

Concealer Brush

Even though this is one of the brushes you’ve likely been tempted to skip out on, a concealer brush is a must for everyone. You’ll especially want to invest in a good concealer brush if you’re trying to hide breakouts on your face.

While you’ve probably seen many tutorials on how to blend concealer into your skin without using makeup brushes, it isn’t advice you’ll want to follow. There is a lot of bacteria on your hands and underneath your nails that have the potential to cause a breakout even worse than the one you’re trying to hide.

Kabuki Brush

If you find that you struggle to make your makeup blend seamlessly into your skin, you’ll love the way a good kabuki brush can fix your mistakes. Simply rub the brush over your neck and cheeks for a fabulous finish that doesn’t leave any makeup lines. You can also use the kabuki brush if you’ve used too much blush, bronzer or highlighter.

Angled Liner

If you want to get perfect eyeliner every time, you’ll want to opt for a gel-based formula. And if you’re going with a gel liner, you need to invest in a solid angled liner brush. Angled liner brushes are the perfect way to make your look as interesting or chic as you please. The tool will allow you to master the more classic liner looks or get daring with a cat eye.  

Eye Shadow Brush

Who doesn’t love a little shine? When it comes to your beauty bag, you have to make room for one of the most iconic makeup brushes: the eyeshadow brush. This simple brush is amazing when it comes to adding a little flair to your everyday look and can’t be left out. Brushes that come with drugstore eyeshadow kits will only get you so far. Plus, you’ll need a brush like this if you plan on trying a luxurious cream eyeshadow.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush

Last but not least, an eyeshadow blending brush is absolutely necessary for any beauty bag. This small tool has the potential to take your look to new heights in endless ways.

If you’re trying to create a classic smokey eye, you won’t get far without this brush. Use it to make your eyeshadow waft outward like a cloud instead of leaving the harsh lines from your eyeshadow brush. Do you prefer eyeliner instead? Use your blending brush to soften and intensify your kohl for glamorous effects.

Now that you know which are the basic makeup brushes, which one will you buy first?