5 Books You Must Read This Summer!


Everyone knows that when it comes to unwinding for a long day of relaxation at the beach, you have to bring a few good books. Even if you’re not a big reader, bringing a book along helps to let your mind release all the stress you’ve built up from your normal work day and focus on the small luxuries of life.

If you’re looking for a few books to take on your vacation, you’ll love this list of fantastic books that you must read before the summer ends!

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This isn’t the newest release (it was published in 2007), but it’s a must read for those who don’t really enjoy reading. The book is comprised of both text and images, making it easier to digest while also giving it deeper meaning. The plot follows the life of a young orphan who loves to fix machines in Paris during the 1930s. With so many intricate details, this is one of the few books you probably won’t mind re-reading, making it a must have for your summer reading list.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

If you loved ‘The God of Small Things,’ by Arundhati Roy, you’re going to be thrilled to read her next book: ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.’ It’s been 20 years since Roy’s fans have had a novel to pour over and they won’t be disappointed with the wait after reading this story. The kaleidoscopic approach combined with the intricate characters makes for a read that you won’t be able to forget.

The Force

If you love a good crime thriller, may ‘The Force’ be with you. Coming from the famed author that brought us ‘The Cartel’ (Don Winslow), ‘The Force’ shares the tale of a detective that wants to play the part of the hero but is haunted by his murky past. ‘The Force’ is one of the best books currently on the market and has even gained the respect of renowned author Stephen King!

Careers for Women

If you loved watching ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Hidden Figures,’ you’re going to love reading this page-turner brought to us by Joanna Scott. ‘Careers for Women’ explores the lives of women working clerical jobs during the construction of the World Trade Center. This is one of the best books to read if you want to be challenged to view life through a different perspective.

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O

If you’re always up for a tale of magic, mystery and adventure, you’ll love this tale from Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland. ‘The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. tells the story of a world that was once home to magic until it mysteriously disappears during the Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace of London in 1851. The disappearance of magic leads a group to go back in time to discover what caused magic to mysteriously vanish and do everything in their power to bring it back into existence.